We build the future

A dream that has come true little by little, step by step but always in a determined, responsible way and with the conviction that a grain of sand is provided for the consolidation of a community and a better society from the values ​​and citizen competences.


The MUNDO NUEVO INTEGRAL EDUCATION SCHOOL is a private Educational Institution, with great achievements in different components such as academic, social, cultural, values, among others; which began its history for 35 years, when Mr. Rector Dr. Alejandro Albarracín Ávila, together with his wife, wife and Administrative Director of our school, Lic. Teresa Rangel de Albarracín, acquired in 1986 a small space where they began to the materialization of a dream.

Our Philosophy

The Mundo Nuevo Integral Education Education is a private Educational Institution with 34 years of experience. He emphasizes training with the human quality so that his graduates are multipliers of ideals, principles, and projects in front of his family, his work, society and homeland. We educate in the sense of transmitting the aspirations of spiritual and material improvement so that existence can be increasingly richer, wider and of greater possibilities of realization.


The projects of Excellence, Communication, I am happy living in harmony, It is your life is your environment, Emergency Care and Prevention, Food Science, constitute a transversal line within the development of the curriculum, as well as the emphasis in English and in the systems area. For the school, the role of the teacher as a facilitator, professional committed and convinced of his delicate mission of service to youth is definitive. This requires a highly qualified profile in the personal, pedagogical and professional.


The College is clear that, in order for a society to be faithful to its traditions and at the same time march towards the realization of progress, it must use education, which must be done with the intent to train citizens aware of the social realities in which participate


We train so that human relationships are established within a climate of respect, responsibility, and equity so that everyone can feel the dignity of being men and women without discrimination. This education, to be valid, must refer to the past, must meet the demands of the present and must direct the efforts, expectations and collective aspirations towards the construction of the future.


  • Appropriation of an institutional profile.

  • Development of the institutional objectives and goals set.

  • Assimilation and practice of the principles, values ​​, and foundations that guide educational action.

  • Identification and practice of institutional pedagogical criteria.

  • Agreement and commitment to apply a pedagogical model.

  • Sense of belonging and identity with all the projects, goals and philosophy of the institution.

  • The authentic and tangible commitment of all levels of the educational community with the fulfillment of the different processes that give life to the daily work of the school.

  • Discipline as a challenge of self-training and projection in favor of the personal and social environment.


Acquire the instruments of understanding, of knowledge, as the means and end of human life.


Learning to know involves learning to apprehend by exercising attention, memory, and thought.



To influence the environment itself, put knowledge into practice and its adaptation to the world of work.


It involves moving from professional qualification to competence that requires the development of skills such as technical or professional training, aptitude for teamwork and interpersonal relationships, capacity for initiative and risk-taking, ability to communicate, cope and solve problems and conflicts


It is oriented to nonviolence in different social spaces, participate and cooperate in common projects, resolve conflicts through dialogue and the exchange of arguments, seeking conditions of equality and tolerance to live within differences.


Facilitate the autonomous and critical thinking that makes their own judgments to determine for themselves what to do in the different circumstances of life, with innovation, imagination, creativity, aesthetic sense, individual and spiritual responsibility.

This determines that the student develops personal qualities such as:

  • Sense of responsibility: Deploy great efforts and perseverance to achieve achievements with a life project

  • Security: Believe in yourself and keep a good opinion of yourself.

  • Sociability: Be understanding, friendly, tolerant and educated in a group.

  • Self-criticism: evaluate correctly, set objectives, follow processes.

  • Integrity/honesty: Choose the options according to the ethical code.

  • Love and accept yourself.

Morning Prayer

Esclarece la aurora del bello cielo,
Otro día de vida que nos das,
Gracias a vos creador del universo,
Oh Padre nuestro que en el cielo estás.

Nuestras voces unimos al concierto
Que el universo eleva en vuestro loor;
De la tierra el cielo el mar profundo,
oh! Tierno Padre magnífico hacedor.

Conservad nuestras almas sin pecado,
A nuestro cuerpo dad fuerza y salud;
A nuestra mente iluminad piadoso
Con un rayo benéfico de luz.

Por nuestra amada patria os suplicamos
Por la Iglesia elevamos oración;
Por nuestros queridos padres y familias
porque dichosos los hagáis Señor.

En vuestro santo nombre comenzamos
Este día de vida que nos das;
Haced que lo acabemos santamente
Oh! Padre Nuestro que en el cielo estás.

School Athem

With youthful accent let's sing

our anthem pride and truth

It is the symbol of our optimism

We will sing with faith and loyalty.


Let's sing, let's sing,

our anthem with gratitude

to the school that will forge men

and magnifies the youth.


The school is a sublime site

of teaching science and virtue

form free-thinking men

that to the country will give clean light.


New World Glory College

which is a seat of rich brotherhood

enhancing the values ​​of the child,

giving him comprehensive training.


With the haughty arm, we indicate

where are the science and the reason

New World, home so dear

We carry you in the heart.


Letter: Sr. Teresa Alfonso.

Music and arrangements: Julio César Silva.

Transversal 74 N° 40 i – 51 sur , Timiza, Bogotá, Colombia

Tel: 452-1100

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